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Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Windows Store has officially opened earlier. Windows 8 app store specifically this can be accessed from 231 countries and is available in 109 languages. On the first day, the store already has a Windows 7873 application title "modern" designed specifically for Windows. The good news is, as much as 88 percent of these applications can be obtained free of charge or free,.

The 7873 application in Windows Store Windows 8 is available for the global market. The Windows Store in the U.S. market has a 4516 title Windows 8 applications were 83 percent of which is also free.


As quoted from Mashable, Microsoft Windows Division President Steven Sinofsky said that Windows Store has the highest number of applications in the app store at launch than any in history.

Windows Store can only be accessed through a PC operating system Windows 8 or later. Store application is intended as a download center for a series of Windows 8 devices, including PCs, notebooks, and tablets.

For Microsoft Surface tablet devices with RT Windows operating system, the Windows Store is the only place where users can obtain remedy application devices.

Windows Store was first introduced to the application developer in September 2011. In concept, this application store similar to the Apple App Store where applications offered have been screened to prevent malware and security issues. Windows Store also have additional rules related to adult content in the application.

Microsoft says that the application is purchased via the Windows Store can be installed on several different computers, up to 5 pieces. Like the other app stores, Microsoft also provides ratings and reviews.

Developers who install applications in Windows 8 gets 70 percent of sales application, when an application has generated an income of 25.000 dollars, that number increased to 80 percent. According to Microsoft, there is now 3367 which provides application developers in the Windows Store.


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