New Features of Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Microsoft Office 2013 comes with a carry many new features. With the appearance of new Metro UI that can be dynamic and have the ability to directly edit PDF files. In addition there are also features: 

Hidden Ribbon, personally, I like the ribbon interface, and I'm glad that Microsoft is extending the same functionality in almost every product it makes. But, many people do not appreciate it like I do, and even though I was a fan I'd still like to work on a less cluttered work space sometimes. 

Thurrott reports that Office 2013 continues the legacy of the ribbon UI, but it's hidden by default. He pointed out that such a move might be something to do with the simplicity of the interface to accommodate the Metro. 

Touch Mode Microsoft jump into the tablet game with Windows 8-with both architecture Intel / AMD-based traditional, as well as Windows on ARM (WOA) for ARM-based tablet hardware. One of the defining elements of the tablet is the lack of a physical keyboard, and reliance on a touch screen interface for a multi-gesture navigasi. Office 2013 Mode application has touch buttons to make the software easy to use with touchscreen devices. According to Thurrott, Touch Mode enlarge ribbon buttons and other controls, and more space so that you can swipe and hit more accurately with a finger. 

Office Marketplace, you can not develop anything these days without some sort launching an application store, and Office 2013 will not be an exception to that rule. Microsoft plans Marketplace Office as a resource for users to find the extensions and tools to expand the capabilities of Office software, and customize it to work the way you need to. 

Password Protected Tracking Changes As a writer, I am happy to track changes in the document. This makes it easier to follow the feedback and comments, and to be able to see what is added, deleted, or changed, from the original. However, anyone with access to the file can accept a change or delete the comments, and tracking will be lost. 

Weather Bar Outlook 2013, weather sports bar in the fashion calendar. Obviously weather information can only predict so far into the future-usually a week to 10 days the peak-but, now you can have-a-glance access to the unpredictable weather conditions on a particular day to help you plan your week. 

Inline Replies, Following the Office Web Apps version of Outlook, Outlook 2013 will no longer pop open a new window to reply to an email message. Thurrott says, "Now, going inline replies by default, and in areas that are usually reserved for the reading pane.

If you want to get this in Ms Office 2013 Full version, I have provided a download link and serial number here.


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